Service Highlights

Our main mission is to manage the many daily tasks that happen behind the scenes to make everything in your community run smoothly. With that focus we aim to provide the best possible service to provide accurate records and file maintenance, follow up with vendors, communicate with regulatory agencies on behalf of the association and prepare items for the board as needed.

Assessment Collections
All checks received will be electronically scanned and deposited with our custodian bank on the same day received. At the end of the month we will transfer the balances after the bills have been paid to the account of your choosing.

Mail Services & Record Management
We scan and PDF archive all check payments and US mail coming us on behalf of the community and all documents are stored securely on a private server with 24 hour remote file sharing capabilities.

Insurance Liaison
Occasionally something bad happens but not to worry we got you covered and are here to help coordinate with the insurance companies to get things back to normal quickly.

Legal Liaison
We are there for you when things get tough regarding legal matters for your community. We are not licensed to give legal advice but we can act as a legal liaison to coordinate collections, lien filings and foreclosure proceedings or any other legal matter using a 3rd party attorney. This allows you to have an independent 3rd party manage what can be a very difficult time for everyone involved.

Monthly Reports and Accounting Liaison
At the end of each month and during tax time we prepare all necessary reports and reconcile all banking accounts to insure the most accurate financial reports for the board and accounting professionals review. These reports are also used for the yearly audit process if your community requires them.

Owner Statements and Community Website
Our online system allows individual homeowners private access to their account statements 24 hours a day and community specific information provided via our private community website. Our staff will also proactively send email and paper account statements to each home owner at the end of each month.

Paying the Bills
Our system will track all community expenses due each month and we will coordinate with the board for approval to pay the bills every other week as needed so that important items do not fall through the cracks.

Annual Budgets
Budgets can be a daunting task but they ensure that things are looked after properly. Every year we help in developing the best budget possible for your community to keep your assessments as low as possible and maintain the quality of the community.

Nobody likes paperwork but somebody has to do it. Our system enables us to stay on top of the many tasks involved with following up to make sure all items are getting done on time.

Occasionally things get broken or need replacement but we are here to help coordinate with the vendors to get everything put back to together the way it should be

Services Not Covered
As a virtual management company we can do many things for you, however because of onsite availability the following services cannot be handled by us:

  • Direct oversight of on-site personnel, common areas and 3rd party vendors
  • Onsite property condition inspections. Our clients use a 3rd party vendor for inspection services
  • Providing 24 hour telephone and emergency service
  • Inspecting the community regularly for CC&R violations, this is usually handled by someone living in the community and then reported to us for follow up
  • Attendance at Board and Committee meetings
  • Mediation services between board members and other home owners

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