Frequent Questions

How long has your team been working in the industry?

Our team has over 15 plus years experience in the real estate property management and HOA industries.

What areas do you serve?

Our company is based in the Portland, OR metro area. However, with our technology system and a local board contact we can easily manage HOAs in areas outside the Portland area as well.

Do we need to change bank accounts?

No, you will not need to change banking relationships for your primary checking and reserve accounts to have us take over your community.

We do ask that you keep enough operating funds in our trust account for at least one month’s worth of expenses and replenish this as needed.

We will collect the assessments for your community on your behalf into our trust account and transfer any excess funds to an account of your choosing at the end of each month.

Do you provide onsite inspections services?

No, our focus is on maintaining the administration services for your community only. We are not a full service HOA management company and will not be able to provide staff to do onsite inspections or maintenance.

Do you provide tax preparation and reserve study services?

No, we are not licensed CPAs. We have several excellent vendors we work with in the Portland, OR area on a regular basis to help you with tax preparation and reserve study services.

I’m a developer, can you help lessen my warranty risk?

Yes, the developers we work with usually have special concerns related to making sure the communities they build are looked after correctly.

We can assist by working with you to develop a proper maintenance plan for the community and then providing the necessary follow through to make sure all scheduled maintenance is done as prescribed as well as working with the community board members to make sure proper budgets are established to cover the cost of the maintenance.

Having a properly maintained community is one of the surest ways to avoid the future headaches and hardships associated with warranty repairs and potential litigation as a community developer.

What items are NOT covered by your service?

As a virtual management company we can do many things for you however these items because of onsite availability cannot be handled by us:

  • Direct oversight of on-site personnel, common areas and 3rd party vendors
  • Onsite property condition inspections. Our clients use a 3rd party vendor for inspection services
  • Providing 24 hour telephone and emergency service
  • Inspecting the community regularly for CC&R violations, this is usually handled by someone living in the community and then reported to us for follow up
  • Attendance at Board and Committee meetings
  • Mediation services between board members and other home owners