Professional remote management and advisory services for self-managed HOA communities.

Are you fed up losing your precious free time to the demands of your homeowner association?
If you’re like most HOA board directors we work with, you volunteered your free time to provide a better community for your family and protect the value of your home. But now, it feels like a thankless job….

Has the stress of managing the daily tasks of your HOA become overwhelming it’s no fun anymore?

We know that being on the board of directors for your homeowner association can be rewarding, but all too often the daily chores become overwhelming with all of your other daily commitments. HOA duties end up usually near the bottom of the list of things to do. Having us look after these can make sure your community is be maintained properly.

Has your self-managed homeowner association taken too much of your “self” to manage anymore?

We know the demands of the daily operations can be a lot to manage without the right team or available time to oversee it. The recurring tasks, assessment collections, statements, technology maintenance, newsletters, vendor scheduling, payments, taxes and licensing, insurance, architectural reviews, board meetings, reserve study planning and improvement projects is demanding no matter how experienced your team of volunteers are.

Have you hit that wall where HOA fees can’t go any higher and you are looking to reduce costs?

We know that smaller, self-managed communities often struggle with the cost of hiring a full service management company to take care of these needs. With their costs and fees approaching thousands of dollars a month it can really add up! As you know, it’s all passed on to the members of your community in higher association dues that can be a financial burden to many homeowners causing even more stress for you.

Do you wish there was a way to have just about everything “magically” done for you?

HOA Bookkeeping is the answer. We know what you’re going through because we specialize in providing a full range of off-site management and financial services exclusively for self-managed homeowner associations just like yours.

HOA Bookkeeping was founded to help self-managed homeowner associations with the complex tasks of HOA management. Imagine what it would be like to have a thorough, consistently reliable and proven management system that has worked for other self-managed HOAs working for you.

HOA Bookkeeping’s trained staff provides you and your HOA the experience, strategic guidance, and daily oversight needed to make your homeowner association run smoothly saving you both time and money by doing many of the board’s current tasks remotely via the Internet. Best of all, with our HOA-specific technology infrastructure you get 24/7 access to important association information.

HOA Bookkeeping creates that happy balance where cost-conscious communities and overwhelmed directors meet.

Give us a try. You make the important decisions. We’ll handle everything else.

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